SWBF specialise in finding finance and putting together funding structures in the property development sector. This is offered to limited companies, LLPs, partnerships and sole traders.


A track record for property development

SWBF can find finance for single unit builds through to major mixed use sites. These include residential homes, commercial properties, industrial warehouses and student accommodation.

We can find funding up to as high as 90% of cost and even in some cases 100% where mezzanine or equity top up is required.

Through our vast experience we have a large array of development lenders who can give you the flexibility you need for your development.

Some of these lenders have given us direct access to underwriters and in some cases we are the preferred broker, which enables us to get a swift response.

You will need to ideally demonstrate that you have a track record and experience in developing property in Bath, Bristol or anywhere in the South West

Getting you on the property development ladder

If you have little or no experience, employ the relative professionals to support you, for example, architects, project managers, professional builders. You will also need to show that you have the funds to support the contribution needed, either cash or land owned outright.

Requirements to progress a funding request:

  • Purchase price or current value of property if owned
  • A breakdown of your build/conversion/renovation costs
  • Expected completion time and value
  • Level of contingency
  • Full breakdown of the costing of the project
  • CV of experience particularly in property development
  • Copy of planning application/permission
  • Building regulations/warranties

If you have less experience of providing the plan to your bank for such facilities we can also provide a service to help make this more attractive and increase the chance of getting a ‘Yes’.

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