Property Finance has been keeping us busy…

The National Association of Estate Agents reports that house sales are at their highest level since before the global financial crisis in 2007/8, and we are certainly seeing the evidence of this in the office.

After a brief pause at the beginning of lockdown, the property market seems to have returned with a vengeance. And whilst getting those completions over the line still proves to be more difficult than pre-COVID times, the market is very much open for business. I’ve lost count of how many times I have heard the term “unprecedented times” in the past 6 months but with the expertise in our team, and lenders who really have been working very closely with us to overcome obstacles previously unseen, we are regularly getting deals over the line.

We have recently helped our clients complete on a number of fantastic property projects, including property development, refurbishment and Buy to Let. Some highlights have been:

  • A complex £7m property portfolio acquisition in Bath
  • A £600k refurbishment project in Bradford-on-Avon
  • A £1.5m development refinance for long term retention

All of the above deals have come with their difficulties (I’m not sure simple exists anymore!), be it last minute changes in terms, low valuations, or unforeseen legal complications, but the tenacity of the team have ensured we are getting these deals done.

With new enquiries coming in every day, we are certainly keeping busy. But it’s our passion so long may it continue!

If you want to discuss your next property project, drop me a line at or 07581307846, or speak to the team on 01225 800849 and we will be delighted to help make that project happen.



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