Bath Property Awards: Residential Property Development Funding Hints and Tips

  1. Demonstrate your experience in the sector and if you are new to property development ensure you have a team of proven and experienced professionals.
  2. Produce your portfolio of work with photos and descriptions to show the developments you have completed and the profit made.
  3. Present your new project: what are the timescales, what funds do you have available, who is your construction team?
  4. Produce a development appraisal to include: land value, build costs, professional fees, contingency costs and an estimation of the property value on completion. We will assist in calculating the cost of finance based on your cost forecasts and the term of the build.

Property Development Finance can be complex. Our team of experienced professionals are on hand to help guide you through the process and be a point of contact for any queries.

  • We can research the market to identify the most appropriate lenders and assist in obtaining the best rates and terms for your project.  We have a network of finance providers and can structure funding packages for experienced property developers and those who are new to the sector.
  • We will work with you to understand your projects and give guidance on what is happening in the market place.
  • We look to build flexibility into your funding package which can allow a lower cash contribution to the project, if required.


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